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My name is Chris McCormick. I got my start in the industry with the Pixar animation internship in 2013, followed by Telltale Games, and currently Blizzard Cinematics.

I’ve been putting off writing a blog, teaching, mentoring, etc for a long time because I thought I wasn’t qualified or “good enough” to be offering advice. I still don’t, which I recently realized is kind of the point here. None of us think that we’re good enough. If I have anything at all useful to offer young animators, I think it’s to let them in on the little secret that this is a hard thing that we’ve chosen to do, and it’s always a struggle. A rewarding and super fun one, but a struggle all the same.

I hope that something I say here will help just one student in some small way to get them past the humps that we’ve all experienced, but don’t always talk about. I’ve had many mentors and teachers who lifted me up when I needed it, and it’s important to pass that along. Please feel free to let me know if any of this is helpful, and if there is anything in particular I can address for you. Ideas for posts are always welcome!

Disclaimer: My views do not reflect those of my employer, and are probably the misguided ramblings of a wannabe who got lucky.

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